Andrew Gelwicks / Forbes

What Being A Celebrity Stylist Is Really Like

Behind the glitz and glam of all your favorite stars' red carpet events is an essential team player who makes all those unforgettable fashion moments come to life

f you think A-listers including Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner have time to pick out their outfits, think again. That's what celebrity stylists like Andrew Gelwicks are for and what a world they live in.

The New York-based consultant to some of the industry's biggest rising stars had the most humble beginnings and things certainly didn't happen for him overnight. "I grew up and was educated in the Midwest," he told "Every summer I would come to New York City to intern. I landed my first job at GQ as a fashion assistant. I moved on to Teen Vogue and while doing those jobs, I was styling test shoots for modeling agencies, sometimes three or four times a weekend."

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