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George Kotsiopoulos

Fashion Consultant/Stylist | West Hollywood Hills

Whoever coined the proverb, “Style is the man himself” must have been looking at George Kotsiopoulos, a man whose list of fashion contributions runs longer than his Greek last name (ahem, think stylist, author, designer and television host). Surely you remember his hilarious knack for giving the late, great Joan Rivers a run for her money, no? The devilish duo starred alongside Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne on E!’s Fashion Police, where their side-splitting commentary quickly became as entertaining as the red carpet events themselves. While the pop culture network blessed us with Kotsiopoulos’ punchy quips for just four years, his devotion to style has been a life-long affair. In fact, long before he began styling A-listers like Kerry Washington, Julianne Moore, Katy Perry and Heidi Klum (#NBD), Kotsiopoulos dressed a client closer to home: his older sister– if she only knew that these sib’ shopping trips were laying the foundation for her brother to land on The Hollywood Reporter’s “Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood” list… two years in a row. Jumping from fashion police to fashion philanthropy, Kotsiopoulos co-founded “Bag Lunch,” an annual fundraiser where designer handbags (from the likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Christian Dior) are auctioned off to support arts education in LA’s public school system. Of course, when he’s not saving Hollywood’s carpets or curriculums (naturally, both could benefit from sartorial savvy), the master multi-tasker is designing his collection for QVC, publishing his first book, Glamorous By George, or blogging via his website, Follow That Dress. And yet, if we gave you the impression that Kotsiopoulos is all work and no play, think again– when we arrived at his Hollywood home, he was long john-clad and pajama party ready… As it turns out, Greek gentlemen do have more fun. Here, he sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal his little black book on LA.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: Tower Bar (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) is one of the coziest rooms in LA and a quick two minute walk from my house. My favorite dishes are the grilled salmon with grilled asparagus and the filet mignon with sautéed spinach. I tend to order healthy, then either split yummier options with others or convince them to get something I want to try– like crispy brussels sprouts with bacon, lobster tacos, clams casino, pizza, truffle fries or chicken pot pie… Then Dimitri, their legendary maître’d, always caps the night off with a piping hot plate of freshly baked cookies— it’s all very adult, but never stuffy.

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