Law Roach / Vogue

Law Roach on Styling Zendaya and Keeping It Real on Reality TV

Law Roach is having quite the moment. As the man behind Zendaya’s next-level wardrobe, Roach helped create a fashion star. And with the reboot of America’s Next Top Model headed into its second season, he’s well on his way to becoming a television star in his own right.

Roach’s path from vintage store owner to high-powered celebrity image-maker has been atypical. But from his days junking with his grandmother in Chicago’s thrift shops to dressing stars for the Met Gala, clothing has always played a big part in his life. “I've always had, not so much fashion, but style around me—it was something that was innate,” says Roach on the phone from Los Angeles. “Being African-American and [growing up] in Chicago, style was always a big thing.”
Unlike those who got their start working as fashion assistants, Roach’s entry into styling came via a chance moment with avid shopper and fellow Chicagoan Kanye West. Stopping into Roach’s Deliciously Vintage shop on Halstead Street back in 2009 and inadvertently bringing the paparazzi with him, West put the store on the radar for a new set of clients. “We started to get calls and business from stylists all around the world,” says Roach, who seized the moment. “We had always called ourselves stylists, but coming from the Midwest, you’re not taught that the arts are something you can make a living at doing. It took me awhile to make the connection and realize that, OK, you can have this creative outlet, but you can also be successful and live in abundance.”

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