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Dress like your favorite star! The stylists behind Hailey Baldwin, Emma Roberts and Kylie Jenner’s killer outfits (on and off the red carpet) reveal the items YOU need to shop this spring

You may have never heard the names Maeve Reilly, Jill Jacobs, Britt Elkin or Kara Elkin before, but you've definitely seen their work.
They are the sought after Hollywood stylists behind some of your favorite celebrities' killer style, including Hailey Baldwin, Janelle Monae, Emma Roberts and Kylie Jenner.
Here, FEMAIL chats with the stylists who keep their 'It' girl clients looking on point on and off the red carpet.

Stylist: Maeve Reilly
Instagram: @stylememaeve
Clients Include: Hailey Baldwin, Janelle Monae, Charlotte McKinney, Halsey,

What made you want to become a stylist? I actually fell into styling by accident when I was 17 years old. My dad was the executive producer of a TV show and basically forced me to intern on it. It was love at first sight. I knew the very first day that I had found something I loved. I knew I wanted to do celebrity styling about twelve years ago and stayed consistent and focused on that goal.

Where do you get inspiration from? I am always inspired by my clients. Each of them are so different and require different things, so I have different creative processes with all of them. I also love to look at Instagram and street style blogs to come up with different ideas for my girls.

Do you have a favorite styling tip? Wear what makes you happy and makes you feel confident! I know my clients are happy in a fitting, based on their reactions and that as a stylist is the best feeling. The best part of my job is creating confidence in my girls as they head out and take on the world!

Who are your style icons? Carine Roitfeld Do you have an all-time favorite look that you've styled? I think Janelle Monae's Oscar gown was my favorite look. (above) Not only was it the most beautiful dress, she received 'Best Dressed' accolades all around. She is not only my client, but also my friend, so it was really special for all of us.

What trends are you excited to dress your clients in this spring? I love the athleisure trend. Personally because I work such long hours each day, nothing means more to me than being cute and comfortable. What are three pieces every woman should have in her closet this season? Black skinny jeans, a sexy heel, and a leather jacket.

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