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Mandy Moore's Mastered This Insta-Worthy Spring Trend

You saw them on the spring '17 runways of designers like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Simone Rocha and Marc Jacobs, and now they're all over Mandy Moore's Instagram.

The This Is Us actress (and her stylist Erica Cloud) are seriously nailing statement sleeves. She's worn everything from ruffles to lace to exaggerated bells and looks killer doing it.

Why should this runway-to-real-way trend be on your radar this season? So many reasons. Keep scrolling to find out (plus tips on how to wear them)!

The New, Exaggerated Bell Sleeve Is Utterly Chic: Gone are any hippy-dippy, bohemian references; instead, the new bell sleeve is modern and utterly chic. From sleek dresses to cool tops and even quirky knits, they add a unique dose of fashion to even the simplest of outfits. Extra-wide flares (like Mandy's above), ones made of modern, structured materials, flares that tie at the elbow and ruffle designs are all key styles to buy.

Once you find your perfect power-sleeved piece (and this goes for this style as well as all the others), remember to keep the rest of your look minimal. A simple silhouette in a neutral color palette is all you need to finish this look.

Looking for Subtly? Flounce Sleeves Are for You:
Though they have a similar silhouette to the above bell sleeve, flounce sleeves tend to be much more subtle and girly—flaring right at the wrist. Jeans and low-heeled footwear are the perfect combination to keep the subtle flair at bay.

Bishop Sleeves Are Soft & Feminine:
Arguably the most soft and feminine look are bishop sleeves. The style, which balloons out towards the lower arm before gathering into a cuff at the wrist, looks best in sheer fabrics such as chiffon, like the dusty purple dress the actress is wearing above. There are two ways to wear this particular style: the first is wearing it as is, letting the true nature of the top, dress or sweater shine, and the second is juxtaposing the oversized sleeves by slipping something more structured (yet sleeveless), like a fit and flare dress, over top.

Add Ruffle Detail to Amp Up Any Old Outfit:
Clearly, this is the most loud of all sleeve trends and should be worn as such. Pair ruffled arms with incredibly simple bottoms like straight-leg trousers. The straight-forward style will keep your look style-heavy, rather than letting it lean more over-the-top.

Now that you've received somewhat of a sleeve education, shop the amazing buys below and put what you've learned in motion!

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